How to sew Half Square triangles in no time!


Half square triangles tutorial

Half Square Triangles blocks are just squares made up of two triangles. This simple tutorial will allow you to create beautiful pieces in a few minutes, not just for quilts but any sewing project. I’ve seen this pattern being used in maternity bags, handbags and in small projects like trivets and oven mits. Give it a try, make a few blocks with different fabrics and mix and match. Have fun!

Difficulty : Easy

Time to make : 15 min time to make

What you’ll need :

Rotary mat & Cutter

Acrylic ruler

2 Different fabrics

Pins, sewing thread, scissors

Half Square Triangles Quilt Block Tutorial

How to make it:

Half square triangles quilt block tutorial

Cut 2 squares using two contrasting fabrics. I used white and a blue striped fabric and each square is 4″ x 4″ (10cm x 10cm) but you can cut them in any size you want.

Half square triangles quilt block tutorial

Using a pencil or a water erasable pen draw a diagonal line, from corner to corner) on the wrong side of one of the squares.

Half square triangles quilt block tutorial

With right sides together pin the two squares together Make sure the diagonal pencil line on the square is facing up

Half square triangles tutorial 10

Half square triangles quilt block tutorial

Machine stitch 1/4” (0,6cm) from the pencil line

Half square triangles quilt block tutorial

Using a rotary cutter place the two joined units on your mat and cut along the pencil line

Half square triangles tutorial

Half square triangles tutorial

Open up each unit and press the seams open. Cut of the excess fabric that sticks out from the quilt blocks.

You now have two half square triangles. You can create stunning quilt tops with this really easy tutorial. You can make simple or really complex quilt designs. Just use your imagination!

Use different fabrics that go well together and make a few blocks. Move the units around and play a bit with the design until you’re happy with the result. Now, all you have to do is sew them all together in rows!

half square traingle quilt block tutorial

Same units, different design!

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